About Me

“BraveChica”, is a blog dedicated especially to women. My name is Ari, twenty-nine years old. I am a mom of Two wonderful boys, a LifeStylist , and a Style and Fashion addict . This past July, I obtained my Bachelors Degree from Devry University.I am a girl who loves high heels, but I also love relaxing in my sweats from time to time. I love fashion, but foremost I love, love style immensely because as said by Coco Chanel herself “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Is not what you wear, but how you wear it that makes all the difference. I like living my life outside the box because it allows me to be me, insanely creative me . I will blog about my experiences, my life,my love, my friends( which aren’t many), fashion, style, food, entertainment, and everything else worth writing about that I find along the way. I want to inspire you (all women) to be all that you want to be, to accept your beauty and your imperfections , to be Brave and Love Yourself.

Live, Laugh, and Love Always